Monday, August 27, 2012

Falling Into the Sky



Last week, there was an impromptu cycling session past the city lights of Tokyo station, the white rectangles of light extreme and futuristic against the inky darkness, and to the Imperial Palace. 
There, I witnessed a magnificent reflection of city on water. There was also my first view of the joggers here - indeed, tons of people running around the palace after their work hours.


The nights approach faster and faster, with fewer glimpses of daylight when I leave the office these days. I can almost sense the smell of autumn in the wind. But when it comes, I think I will miss wearing skirts, shorts, and tank tops.. that feeling of lightness.


Watched the film Melancholia over the weekend, and it gave me a few chills after the ending. 
What if the world as we know it came to an end? If people knew that it was coming, how would they react? 
I read afterward that Lars Von Trier's main inspiration was not just the world ending, but the idea that depressed people tend to act more calmly than others under extreme stress. I'm not sure if that always applies, but Kirsten Dunst's character in the film did show an almost sarcastic kind of acceptance at the ending of the world and all life.


One thing she said stood out to me - that we are alone, that we're the only life that exists.
I lay thinking about that afterward, wondering if it could be true, hoping that it's not, and wondering if humankind will come across other life within my lifetime.


 Even if we found life beyond Earth, I wonder what the organisms would be like? They could live and communicate in a completely different and mysterious way from humans. I wonder if they would like us? If they looked at this planet, what would they think and feel?


Last night, this beautiful Luna Moth, almost as big as my hand, floated down out of nowhere and proceeded to flutter around. Giddy with excitement, I watched and waited as it sailed down, finally settling on the ground nearby. I crept as close as I dared to take a few pictures, and it suddenly decided to perch quietly on my leg for a few moments.


For some reason, this brush with the Luna Moth felt to me like a mysterious and mystical event.
Apparently, luna moths are a symbol of spiritual transformation and growth.
Perhaps this moth was trying to pass something to me.


Maybe I'll find out.