Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Perfection Trap


These days, having such a wide and connected online world makes it very convenient to spread your own presence and unique ways of expression. However, it's also easier to fall into the trap of perfection.


Sometimes, it's easy to fall to the temptation of brightening things up, making things look happier and sparklier than they actually are. It seems that in this society, people tend to be drawn to the outgoing, shining, perpetually-happy folks, right?

Well, I don't think that's always case. At least not to me.
I love to see happy people just as much as anyone else, but even more so, I'm drawn to the people who are real.
Those who are honest to themselves, and not afraid to show their weaknesses and darker sides.


Because in reality, nobody is perfect, no matter how they may seem to be through their blogs, the number of their subscribers, comments, and followers, the beautiful photos, the happy-go-lucky tweets. Some are merely much better at exuding the positives and not letting the tough bits show.
I think there's nothing wrong with being able to hold back a bit and keep a positive attitude - that's actually a plus.
But the tricky part is when the image of perfection, of always striving to keep up the look of a happy and full life, becomes too much of a pressure - so much that you're afraid to show who you really are sometimes.


 I think that's what makes people interesting - the way they are made up of so many different sides and facets, each a different color and shape and texture. Yet all linking together and fitting to make that one unique person in the entire world. Even the tired, lonely, sad, afraid parts, even the past failures and difficult choices, mistakes, embarrassments...they're all a part of you.


We (including me) tend to get caught up in the numbers, the quantity, the result... while forgetting to think about what we really want to do with our creativity and sharing, what the real purpose is, and how we can cherish the *now* that's already here. Doing things for others, for the invisible audience, when we should more often think about what to truly do for ourselves.

Even if we want to inspire and give something to others, I feel like that energy first has to be nurtured and grow from within. It's easier said than done. But hey, I'm still learning too.