Saturday, July 7, 2012

Inspirations and Self


Lately, I've been inspired by not only photographers and bloggers living in Japan, but also some beauty and fashion bloggers. As for myself, I'm still quite a beginner to fashion, and am content to throw on something and go out makeup-less on most days. But it's also really fun to get dressed up sometimes, look for new styles and colors, and find pieces that are really fitting to me.


 I find the fashion blogger community somewhat daunting and yet dazzling at the same time. I love that these days, if you want to express yourself and share something you love, there's no need to wait for some big opportunity to scoop you up - like the many flourishing bloggers, people can now start their own site, become active on different social networking platforms, and spread their art to the world.



One thing I really found inspiring is that these bloggers exude a sense of self confidence and pride in who they are. More than just the makeup, shoes, dresses, and poses, beyond all that - I find that at the core, they are sharing a deep passion. It motivates me to see such creative and driven people go for their dreams.


 These photos were taken by my good friend Melody during my trip to California last month.
(She's an amazing photographer, check out her website!)
See our awesome self-timer attempts below :)<3


 During high school and college breaks, we always used to go photoshooting together. It'd been over a year and a half since we last saw each other!
Have a good weekend, all :)