Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Animals of the Bay Area!


 Animal post!! I came face to face with these cute critters during my trip to Cali last month, and I wanted to share them with you all.


 Gotta love jellies! At the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Banana slug! I had never seen so many of them, on a moist and earthy hiking path through the forest.
Doesn't it look juicy?


My brother is holding this awesome California Newt. :)


 And finally, we spotted two beautiful swans with their babies walking along the sidewalk in San Francisco. They must have usually lived at the Palace of Fine Arts, but somehow wandered over near the highway... people were gathering around worriedly and calling animal control to get them back to safety.


Look at the fuzzy babies!!! Adorable! They were munching away on the grass in someone's front yard.



 I've always loved animals, ever since I was young. For pets, I've had fish, a mouse, insects, and birds.. and speaking of birds, I went through a time during middle school when I seriously wanted to become an ornithologist. My mom and I would go hiking and discovering new birds on the weekends, and I relished marking a small dot in my bird field guide next to the pictures of birds I had spotted. My goal was to one day have seen every single bird in North America.
Although that childhood dream slid backward and made way for other pursuits and activities in my life, birds still hold a special place in my heart. And so do most other animals (except maybe mosquitos... sorry guys). There's just something captivating and emotionally releasing about seeing animals in the wild. Since coming to Tokyo, I don't get to see them so often... but I'll still keep my eyes open for animals that live around here. In Tokyo, there are definitely many pigeons, sparrows and crows, cats that especially like to wander around shrines, and the occasional bat :) Oh and lots of koi fish (carp) in the parks!

What wild animals live around your area? What pets have you had, do you have, or want to have?

~from Lisa in rainy Tokyo!