Thursday, May 17, 2012

You left a mark

Today, my thoughts meandered over the countless people I've met so far in my 23 years of life.We rarely think about this while rushing around our daily schedules, but how is it that we crossed paths with the exact people we've met, and why did we connect with some of them? Why didn't we connect with others? 

The majority of people I've met in the past, I've fallen out of contact with. But it doesn't mean that they didn't leave something in me. 

In elementary school, a friend I used to act out make-believe stories with. A friend I played horses and avoided cooties with. 
Boys I crushed on, boys I thought I really liked, but didn't really know about. 

Friends who inspired me artistically, musically, spiritually. Friends I had fights and then made up again with. Friends who stuck with me and kept in touch even after I moved across the ocean. 

Classmates, teachers, students, coworkers. People I met through music. People I met once and may never see again.And there are still so many people yet to meet, who will inspire and captivate me, anger and sadden me, support and encourage me. They will inevitably leave marks on my existence. 

It's like a miracle that we met, know, and have built relationships with the people in our lives now. Out of millions and billions of people out there in the world, the situations and timings happened to be just exactly right for those few to make it into our stories. 

It's easy to take them for granted sometimes.But once in a while, I hope you remember to cherish, give thanks, and send a smile to the important people in your lives. 

In the words of Christopher McCandless: 

"Happiness only real when shared."