Friday, May 11, 2012

Where happiness grows

Sometimes, you can find happiness in simple things and unexpected places.

I don't think it's necessary to do extravagant things or spend a lot of money in order to feel happy. Of course, it's great to splurge once in a while, indulge in something fancy or out of the ordinary, but in this flashy, swirling material world, we tend to lose sight of the good things right under our noses.
Especially these days, many people tend to walk around staring at their phones and digital devices...and even I am guilty of that one. 
But when I looking up and around, really looking and noticing, I can see.. I can appreciate what I would've otherwise missed forever. 

(and then of course, I'm looking back down at my camera to capture it! Oops.)

Things that made me happy this week:

♥ warm, sunny lunches by the river
♥ sandwiches from the cafe
♥ spotting some roly polies underneath bushes
nameko miso soup
♥ amazing skies and clouds after the rain
♥ wearing a skirt to work, even though it got rained on
♥ nice-smelling hand lotion.. need to buy more

What made you happy this week?