Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinker on the other side

Still remembering to find happiness! This week so far:

♥ warm, sunny lunch break reading a book by the river
♥ sky clearing suddenly after an afternoon thunderstorm
♥ wearing a summery skirt
♥ having yummy pho for lunch with my coworker
♥ tofu, mushrooms
♥ evening walk
♥ digging out a nostalgic t-shirt
♥ taking it easy, being myself

I realize now, I think there was a time some months ago,
where I was so busy and used to just going about daily life and work,
that I forgot to really look around, truly see the world.
It's easy for us to slip into the mundane everyday details, facts, comparisons and measurements.
"How much, what if, when I get, if only."
When we focus on things like that, we let escape from our notice,
the happiness and magic that already exist all around.

I'm still a person with plenty of weaknesses and faults, and I still tend to get caught up in the little things sometimes. But lately, I'm finding it much easier to let go, take a breath, move forward and keep moving. Keep seeing, the big picture and what truly is important.
It's okay to have lapses and make mistakes, because we're only human. And even those actions are part of who we are. But it's vital to understand and forgive yourself for those mistakes, and keep practicing, learning, embracing and loving yourself.

It's easy to assume that the flowers are pinker on the other side of the fence.
But once you take a good look at the flowers in this field...
well, you might just be amazed.