Monday, May 7, 2012

Midway between spring and summer

Tofu topped with myoga

Soaking in the noon sunshine

Goldfish world

Hisaishi Joe's "Summer" fits this feeling so much. Warm strings and gentle piano keys. Drops of light rain, shimmery green leaves alight with early summer's touch. 
Being born in June, I guess I have an affinity for days like that. Maybe there is a summer spirit living inside me.
Although I've been a working person, a 社会人 for almost 3 years now (!!), the scent of summer still reminds me of summer vacation in middle and high school days. Freedom. Lakes and beaches. A cool midsummer night, staring up at the stars, talking about life and the universe.

Where will I be after these school days end? I wondered.
What will I be doing, out there in the "real world"?

And years later, I find myself here.
If I hadn't taken this journey to Tokyo, where would I be?
And already, I shudder to think.. I don't even need to speculate.
Because this journey is what brought me to a truer, strong self than I was acquainted with before.
Because I took this journey, I feel as though anything is possible. If I was able to do this.