Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The colors in everything

Lately, the weather in Tokyo has really been fluctuating. Does this mean the rainy season is approaching?
Today, going home from work consisted of sloshing through a pelting rainstorm with thoroughly soaked shoes and socks. The streets were filled with lakes, alive and dancing with heavy raindrops.
Spotted this butterfly the other day, feasting on a flower. What a lovely shade of green on its wing!

Cheery pink flowers :)

Self pic :)

Tokyo streets.

If you just pay attention, there exist vibrancy and bright color everywhere. The bright pink of those flowers caught my eye, as well as the glowing yellow lights of the streetlights, oncoming traffic, and surrounding buildings.
What kind of feelings do the pictures you take inspire in you?
I love the way photos can express endless words and emotions, without saying anything out loud.
Although you can never know exactly what another person thinks or feels, perhaps photos are one of the best ways that people can share their perspective. To behold and consider, how someone else sees the world, through their eyes. That's what a picture is.