Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November Walk

It's been a month since the last "personal" post in this blog, and the colors and light have all changed. Everything is falling and crinkling into crispy golden-brown textures, the dusk coming on faster, the night chillier. Another winter is almost here, and the days speed on, wrapping around me in a blur of holiday music and illuminations twinkling on all over the city. Let's cherish the last few days of fall, before they too drift to the ground and melt away.

Tokyo Family Photography: Red & Yellow Autumn

I first photographed Rocio and Luis's family earlier this year in the spring, and it was wonderful being able to do another seasonal photoshoot for them, especially with baby Montse having just had her first birthday! So friendly and curious, Montse loved gazing all around at her surroundings and interacting with her loving parents. Thank you very much again to Rocio, Luis, and Montse!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sunny Morning - Chiara & Tatsuro

Warm congratulations to Chiara and Tatsuro, who commemorated their engagement and marriage with this photoshoot on the most beautiful sunny autumn morning! Chiara and Tatsuro were so much fun to work with and their smiles infectious. Thank you for having me as your photographer to capture this happy moment in time for you! :)