Sunday, August 24, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: Niya Berii

Here are a few shots from today's photoshoot with fashion designer, Nylon blogger and student Niya Berii. After growing up in Shanghai, Niya made the decision to move to Japan after graduating high school. She studies fashion design in Tokyo, and has even launched her own brand, called "Rebel Planet". I really enjoyed shooting with Niya and working with her enigmatic style and atmosphere. Thank you so much, Niya!

Please check out her websites here: Niya Berii Nylon Blog / Twitter / Instagram

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Published in August 2014 Jetstar Japan & UO Magazine

Today, I'd like to share two recent publications in which my work appears. The first is Jetstar Japan Magazine, in which I did a portrait photoshoot for the lovely President of Jetstar Japan, Ms. Miyuki Suzuki. Here the image was used for her welcome message at the opening of the magazine. It was an honor to meet Ms. Suzuki and shoot a few photos for her in the midst of her busy schedule.

Message from the President of Jetstar Japan, Ms. Miyuki Suzuki
The original photo - the weather was being very unstable with some sudden rain, so we did part of the shooting inside at a quiet bookstore.

The second publication is UO Magazine (Hong Kong Express Airways). Samantha of Letters Impromptu accompanied me all the way to Osaka and absolutely shone as the model for this shoot. I really want to thank her for all of her hard work and resilience even under very unexpected conditions. It was a valuable learning experience for me!
Inside spread of UO Magazine, featuring Samantha of Letters Impromptu.
Original photo - it's hard to tell from Samantha's cool and relaxed expression that it was boiling hot in Osaka that day!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tokyo Fashion Photography: City Stripes

Shinjuku will always be one of my favorite places in Tokyo. From the first year I arrived in Japan, I was coming to this area often for work, as well as on days off to spend time browsing the English books section of Kinokuniya Bookstore. Always bustling with people, Shinjuku somehow made me feel safe and relaxed compared to the crowds of Shibuya. Here's a quick photoshoot on the streets of Shinjuku with Samantha. Please check out her blog at Letters Impromptu for the rest of the photos and outfit details here!